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KPT211SI is a 50 micron polyimide tape with a high performance silicone adhesive. This tape has a continuous service temperature range of -73°C to 268°C. Insulation Grade H UL Listed No. E237601 and RoHS Approved. It is used for SMT, protection of golden finger during wave soldering process, insulation and bonding for electrical switches, motors, transformers, relays, windings, capacitors and powder coating under high temperature.


Backing thicknes
50 Micron
Adhesive thickness
35 Micron
Total thickness
85 Micron
Tensile strength
54,8 N/cm
Adhesion to steel
2,2 N/cm
2,2 N/cm
Dielectric strength
5 kV
Electrolytic corrosion
1 factor
Temp. resistance
Max. 268˚C
UL listed
No. E237601
Insulation Grade
3 16
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