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The DUC180RS is a PE-coated superior performance cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive. High quality purpose for irregular surface, stationery, water proof, vinyl repair, protecting, and bundling. Moisture barrier for both indoor and outdoor application. This tape is available in black, white, silver, red, orange, yellow, d. green, l. green, olive green, d. blue, l. blue, s. blue. Brown, beige, pink and purple are available upon request. It is used for carton sealing, surface protecting, bookbinding and many other general purposes.


320 Micron
Adhesion to steel
4,3 N/cm +/-0,4
Rewinding force
19,6/50 N/mm
Ball tack (Ball #20)
10 cm
Tensile strength
63 N/cm
Temperature range
-35 up to +80˚C
Storage life
6 Months
27 10 8 28 29
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