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A PE-coated UV-stabilized masking grade cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive. This tape is for irregular surfaces, stationery, water proof, vinyl repair, protecting, masking and bundling. It has a moisture barrier for both indoor and outdoor applications. This tape removes cleanly without leaving adhesive residues. Available in the colors light blue & dark blue.


300 Micron
Adhesion to steel
2,35 N/cm
Rewinding force
7,84 N/cm
Tensile strenght
54,88 N/cm
Holding power
30 min. (25mmx25mm/40˚C)
Temp. resistance
-35 up to +80˚C
Rolling ball tack (ball #20)
<10 cm
UV resistance
3 weeks
27 10 7 28 29 23
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