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This is a high quality PE drop-film pre-taped with our JFP248SA japanese flatpaper fineline masking tape. The foil is corona treated HDPE foil. Characteristics: the paint will stick well to the corona treated foil so that there is no paint flaking. Will stick like a second skin to most surfaces due to the fact the foil is electronically charged. The foil can be cut by hand and will tear straight. The DFM248SA is standard on stock in the sizes: 550MM X 33M, 1100MM X 33M, 1400MM X 33M, 2700MM X 20M. This tape is usable for the protection of surfaces from paint splatters, drips, and oversprays. Excellent for indoor/outdoor use where ultra-violet resistance is desired and easy to use for professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers. The tape can be used on glass, vinyl, metal, wood, painted walls and trim.


Tape thickness
87 Micron
Film thickness
9 Micron +/- 10%
Adhesion to steel
1,7 N/cm
Tensile strength
34,7 N/cm
Elongation at break
3 %
Unwinding force
1,5 N/cm
Backing to backing adhesion
0,7 N/cm
Tape weight
81 g/m2
Temp. resistance @ +100°C
20 min.
UV resistance
Up to 4 months
2 26 28 29 37
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