Servaas Dankers


Servaas Dankers is the president of ATS All Tape Supplies. In 2006, there was a unique opportunity to start his own business. Together with his son Felipe, Servaas took on this new challenge and ATS All Tape Supplies was born.

Because of his international ambitions and his studies, Servaas learned to speak fluent French, English, German and Spanish.
To this day, the company is growing, partly due to Servaas’ years of knowledge, experience and know-how. His strength lies in Sales and maintaining relationships with his customers. He also sees opportunities everywhere, for now and for the future: “By offering a wide range, short delivery times, flexibility and customer focus, we are growing fast. Almost everything is possible at ATS. Moreover, I am always working on how we can organize the organization even more professional in the future. For example, we are thinking of working together with strategic partners to serve a larger part of the market. There is so much potential, we are not finished yet! ”

Besides growth, it is also important for Servaas to gather the right people around him. “The staff is ATS. Our employees all have their own qualities. Without them we would not have come that far. Everyone is motivated and respects our values. In addition, we all share the same vision: growing together, developing together, conquering the market together. That works pretty well so far! “

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