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Road to your own brand

We are offering you fast delivery times and a wide range of private label solutions which enables you to create your own brand and identity. Custom made products are ATS’ specialty. Because of the fast delivery times we can supply you just in time. Therefore, you can keep your stock low, which will improve your liquidity and result in the lowest stock costs possible.

Private label products offer you a number of benefits that established brands never can provide.


  • Brand loyalty
  • Custom tailored
  • Control
  • Lower price = higher margin

Follow the steps below

Step 1

Choose your brand and logo

A crucial element of any business of a brand name by which people could identify the service or product it provides. After all, the brand name along with the logo sum up everything your business represents into a symbolic name.

Step 2

The core

There are diverse options when choosing your own branded core:

  1. Private core with simple design (maximum 2 colors)
  2. Private core with more colors and/or more complex design
  3. Private core with more colors and/or more complex design with an additional coloured background

In case of a more difficult design, to be cost effective you should consider to take bigger volumes on monthly bases.

Step 3

Shrink packaging

To give extra protection to your tape, you can choose shrink packaging. In this way the tape stays in the most perfect condition. The possibilities for shrink packaging are:

  1. Individual roll wrap
  2. Tower pack
  3. Small package
  4. Accordion pack
Step 4


A product is only as good as its advertising. For any company, without adequate marketing and promotion, there is no way for the mass public to know exactly what the product is about, how it benefits from, and where they can find it. One of the most important parts of promoting a product is to make sure that it is labeled in a way that maximizes its exposure.

The label possibilities are:

  1. Barcode labels
  2. Around the wrap label (length max. 160mm, height max. tape size)
  3. Round label (size 100mm diameter)
  4. 2/3 round label (size 100mm diameter)
Step 5

Box packaging

Packaging is not only a box or an enclosure. This is your first moment of communicating with your customer. You can inform your customer about the content of the case and necessary information like safety, health and environment and instructions for use. Possibilities for cases are:

  1. Brown case
  2. White case
  3. Printed case

Standard our products are packed in brown cases.

Step 6

Box label

Supplementary to the customized cases, you can define your own private label. Our possibilities for box labels:

  1. Black & white label
  2. Colorful label
Step 7

Case sealing tape

We have three possibilities for case sealing tape:

  1. Brown sealing tape (usually for washi tapes)
  2. Transparent sealing tape (usually for the rest of our products)
  3. Customized sealing tape with print


  • Your name and logo
  • The core
  • Shrink packaging
  • Individual label
  • Case packaging
  • Case label
  • Case sealing tape

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