DUC011WA: Waterproof duct tape suitable for masking purposes

Professional painters and plasterers need to mask on various surfaces in different circumstances. Numerous tapes are used for this since all tapes have different characateristics and strenghts. By combining a masking tape and a duct tape, a new superiour tape is created. The DUC011WA is such a tape which combines both the characteristics of a duct tape and a masking tape. This makes the tape highly suitable for almost any masking job.

The DUC011WA has the backing of a duct tape which provides it with strength, waterresistance and makes it suitable for irregular surfaces. Moreover, the tape also gives sharp paint lines and is excellent tearable by hand. This makes it the ideal tape for professionals to work with!

Now available in green or white. Please contact us for more information.

DUC011 2
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