Fluorescent duct tape – DUC654RS

The DUC654RS is a strong rubber coated cloth tape. It is based on a fluorescent woven fabric backing with natural rubber adhesive. The DUC654RS is designed for the entertainment industry with professional use in mind.


  • Mark a spot on the floor
  • Fix cables
  • Write on the tape and attach directly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Abrasion resistant floor warning


  • Hand tearable
  • Good adhesion even on rough surfaces
  • Due to the fabric backing easy to write on
  • Conformable
  • Matt finish for getting attention without glitter
  • Easy to remove without residue


Available in the colors: green, yellow, pink and orange.

Datasheet DUC654RS

High quality fabric duct tape - DUC461RS

The DUC461RS is a high quality fabric duct tape. The backing is made of a fine woven fabric mesh with a natural rubber adhesive. The DUC461RS suitable for almost every challenging situation.

This tape can be used for indoor and outdoor applications such as: fixing, bundling or masking different substrates. Due to the strong backing this tape can also be used for sandblasting.


  • High adhesion even on rough surfaces
  • Conformable
  • Straight tearable longitudinal and horizontal
  • Easy to remove without residue
Datasheet DUC461RS