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DFM058RS & DFM080RS : dropfilm maskers

The DFM058RS & DFM080RS are dropfilm maskers that are ideal for the quick covering of large and specific areas from dust and paint.

The DFM058RS dropfilm consists of a duct tape of PE-coated cloth, with a rubber solvent adhesive, with corona treated HDPE-film attached to it. This tape is suitable for outdoor applications. The duct tape is thicker, has a higher temperature resistance and is UV-resistant. In combination with its flexibility, the DFM058RS is the perfect tape for outdoor practices.

The DFM080RS is a pre-taped dropfilm masker.  The tape consists of semi-crepe paper tape, coated with a solvent based natural rubber adhesive. The tape is connected with a corona treated HDPE-film. “Corona treated” means that the foil is fired with a high-voltage discharge, which means that the foil becomes polarized. This makes it possible for paint and dust to attach to the foil. The foil makes painting or renovating the inside of a building very easy.

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