Tamper evident labels | EU Falsified Medicines Directive

Do your security labels already comply with the coming EU Falsified Medicines Directive (EUFMD-compliant)? From February 9, 2019 the new law will take effect. Under the new law, manufacturers will be obliged to apply safety features to each pack, including a tamper-proof security seal and a fully-visual 2D barcode.  Critically, the seal must indicate visually that tampering has not occurred.

No product on the market today can accomplish this better than Tamperguard’s standard tamper evident label stock, SV36SCK.

These are the key benefits of this tape:

  • Leaves clear void message from – 90°C to + 90°C
  • No redesign needed for the product package because of the transparant label
  • Barcode scanners can scan through the label
  • Printable label because of an PET film which has an high surface tension
  • Perfect use on coated paperboard, glass, plastic & metal

All Tape Supplies is an exclusive distributor for Europe. Because of our close relationship with our supplier, we can also offer custom labels. For example additional security features such as thermochromic inks, conducitve inks, water soluble inks, etc.

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