We would like to introduce to you: our new colleague Jean-Marc Grosset!

From the first of February our new colleague Jean-Marc Grosset has joined our team. He is working as ‘Responsable Commercial France’ within ATS All Tapes Supplies.

Jean-Marc is married and has 2 daughters and 1 son. He was born in Lyon (France) and still lives in this area. He followed the study mechanical and industrial management. Immediately after his studies he started to work as a Quality Manager. A few years later he discovered the adhesive tape industry at a French company, where he also worked as Quality Manager. This company was specialized in the adhesive layer for the production of double-sided adhesive tapes for many industrial customers in the automotive, construction, packaging and other sectors. Within this company he became Sales Manager for France, Belgium and Switzerland and he also managed many special projects for the countries Germany, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

With his large experience, he started as a Sales Manager at ATS. For him, this is a new challenge that he seizes with both hands. He is very enthusiastic about the possibilities that All Tape Supplies can offer in France. He is also very pleased how the company is dedicated to the service to their customers and the friendly atmosphere in the team. His goal is to link his experience with the adhesive tapes to French customers in order to show the ATS range and to develop the company’s turnover in France.

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