SBT370RS & SBT600RS – Tape for the blaster

The SBT blasting tape has been specially developed for the blasting sector to optimally protect surfaces. The tape already protects with 1 layer and can be removed afterwards without any problems.

There are 2 versions:

SBT370RS: Normal blasting tape (370 micron)
This tape has been developed with a strong backing suitable for granules of any type of material. Depending on the pressure and granules, several layers may be required for optimum protection.

SBT600RS: Heavy duty blasting tape (600 microns)
This tape has been developed with a thicker backing than the SBT370RS. The thick layer of the tape provides protection against high pressure and grains of different materials. One layer must suffice for most blasting work.

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sandblasting tape 1000x 600
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