QRM implementation at ATS

Since the foundation in 2006, All Tape Supplies has seen a continue rise in turnover. Together with the rising turnover, the pressure on employees increased. Where 2 people were responsible for the ins and outs of the company during the establishment, now a day that number is increased to more than 30 people. How do we ensure that the entire company works efficiently? That is where QRM comes into play.

Together with Censor, we started QRM at All Tape Supplies. This means that all employees form cells. Each cell performs a group of similar tasks and the cell members are multidisciplinary. An example at All Tape Supplies is the joint planning of production orders. At first, the sales department forwarded the sales orders to the planner without knowing whether the production could carry it out or not. Nowadays, the sales department is working together with the planner and production leader to plan the orders together.

This seems a small step, but has major consequences for the daily routine of the company. By overlapping tasks, the different departments have a better understanding what the boundaries are and what is going on in the different departments. This creates ease within the company which results in less ad-hoc work.
All Tape Supplies will follow the QRM implementation process of Censor for the changes in 2018 and will receive support from the European Social Fund. In doing so, promoting the sustainable employability of the employees is paramount.

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