Announcement internal/organization change

Over the latest years ATS has gone through a process of further professionalization in both production and in the office. Implementing QRM (quick response manufacturing) and going the latest years through a Scaling Up program, both with an outside company who has supported us in this, has led to a leaner and more professional organization better prepared for future challenges. Felipe in his role of COO has initiated, put forward and implemented these projects.

As Felipe has been at ATS from the first beginning and has proved his added value for the company we feel that it is time to also formalize his role by pronouncing Felipe CEO of ATS as from immediate. By doing so he will also be more visible for the outside world as the face of ATS in the future.

In my role as President of the company I will be still involved on a strategical and commercial level.

By taking this decision we trust that the organization of ATS will further grow to a higher level to meet our customers’ requirements and cope with future market challenges.


Servaas Dankers
J. Felipe Muñoz