May 1 2019

JFP208WA – Ultra-sensitive Japanese Washi paper tape

The JFP208WA is an ultra-sensitive Japanese Washi paper tape, coated with a water based acrylic adhesive.

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March 20 2019

April promotion: DFM058RS & DFM080RS : dropfilm maskers

During the month of April you can order the DFM058RS & DFM080RS with 5% discount. These dropfilm maskers are ideal for the quick covering of large and specific areas from dust and paint.

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March 19 2019

SBT370RS & SBT600RS – Tape for the blaster

The SBT blasting tape has been specially developed for the blasting sector to optimally protect surfaces. The tape already protects with 1 layer and can be removed afterwards without any problems.

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March 4 2019

Visiting one of the Brabants Bests: All Tape Supplies

All Tape Supplies (ATS) in Tilburg does work in Tilburg that other companies outsource to low-wage countries. It was only later that owner Felipe Muñoz Mateu discovered that this is called reshoring. It pays to do it, because he and his employees day in and day out look together to see what can be done better and easier. They also have a lot of fun doing it.

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March 1 2019

We would like to introduce to you: our new colleague Jean-Marc Grosset!

Are you curious about our new collegue? We would like to introduce to you Jean-Marc Grosset!

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January 16 2019

We would like to introduce to you: Felipe Muñoz Mateu, co-founder of ATS All Tape Supplies B.V.

Curious who the co-founder of ATS All Tape Supplies is? We would like to introduce to you: Felipe Muñoz Mateu!

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December 18 2018

TFF230SA & TFF420SA – Scrim reinforced transfer tape

This double-sided tape is made for attachment of floor coverings on skirting boards.

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December 18 2018

Self-adhesive Kraft Paper: KPM065WA- For indoor large-format protective covering

For indoor large-format protective covering, self-adhesive protection paper is the right solution! It is practical and indispensable for all painting and creative activities. Self-adhesive, so it is removable and repositionable like a sticky note!

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December 4 2018

We would like to introduce Servaas Dankers to you: CEO of ATS All Tape Supplies

Are you curious about the background of our CEO Servaas Dankers? Read more in a personal interview with our CEO!


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October 24 2018

Acrylic Foam Tape Series

What is an Acrylic Foam Tape?

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September 5 2018

Tamper evident labels | EU Falsified Medicines Directive

Do your security labels already comply with the coming EU Falsified Medicines Directive?

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July 24 2018

Dual Tape (DUAL011WA) – Work 2 Times Faster

The Dual Tape is specially developed for the automotive branch.

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July 20 2018

DFM058RS: a premium indoor and outdoor drop film

In this post, we will present you the DFM058RS. This drop film consist a duct tape of PE-coated cloth, with a rubber solvent adhesive, with corona treated HDPE-film attached to it.

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July 20 2018

PVC013RS: a premium PVC-tape

We want to announce the PVC013RS to you. This premium PVC-tape, coated with an aggressive, rubber-based adhesive, is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

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July 20 2018

DFM080RS: a new indoor drop film

The DFM080RS is a pre-taped drop film masker. It is used to cover large areas quickly, to protect that particular area from paint and/or dust. The drop film consists a semi-crepe paper tape, coated with a solvent based natural rubber adhesive.

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June 28 2018

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy

Here at All Tape Supplies, we value your privacy and want to be
clear about what information we collect and receive, how we use
it and your rights over that information.

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May 30 2018

ATS goes USA

ATS announces that it has reached an agreement with Impact Americas Consulting for representation of our products in the United States.

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April 26 2018

QRM implementation at ATS

All Tape Supplies will follow the QRM implementation process of Censor for the changes in 2018 and will receive support from the European Social Fund. In doing so, promoting the sustainable employability of the employees is paramount.

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April 19 2018

Closing on Friday 12.30

We want to inform you that, from the 1st of May 2018, ATS All Tape Supplies will close the company every Friday in the afternoon at 12.30. We hope that we have informed you well with this announcement. If there are any questions, you can always contact us.

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April 16 2018

IEX Insulation Expo Europe

On the 16th and 17th of May, we will show our insulation tapes and construction tapes at the IEX Insulation Expo Europe. The IEX Insulation Expo Europe is known as the leading trade fair for insulation material and technology.

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