1. Remove dust and grease from the substrate

Paint and tape adhere best to a dry, grease-free and clean surface. Wipe the walls and floor carefully beforehand. Don’t forget the corners, dust tends to collect here. When during applying dust or sand is found on the tape, we recommend that you clean the surface with a surface cleaner and also apply a new layer of primer.


2. Select the right tape for the right surface

When choosing the right masking tape, it is important to match it with the surface that has to be painted. A tape with a high adhesive force is better suited for rough surfaces such as textured plaster. For sensitive surfaces, tapes are available with a lower adhesive strength, so that the wallpaper is not pulled along when removing the tape.
CAUTION when sticking tape on carbon, zinc, lead, copper, anodized metals and natural stone. The glue can react with the substrate, leaving stains.


3. Press the tape firmly onto the surface

The masking tapes from ATS All Tape Supplies are pressure sensitive. Properly pressing the tape is therefore important for good adhesion with the substrate. This prevents paint from getting under the tape.


4. Multiple layers of paint, mask once

More than one layer of paint is required for most painting jobs. Whereas with crepe tapes a new tape must be applied after every layer of paint, this is not necessary with washi tapes. In addition to saving time and money, washi tape is therefore also better for the environment.

View the difference between washi tape and crepe tape here.


5. Select a UV-resistant tape for outside

Tape that is applied outdoors can be exposed to UV radiation from the sun. The UV radiation has an effect on the tape, as a result of which the tape can no longer be removed properly and residual glue can be left behind. Washi tapes for outdoor use can have a UV resistance of up to 4 months.

View the washi tape range here.


6. Removing the tape

Under ideal conditions, a masking tape is removed with a thin layer of fresh paint at an angle of 45° as shown on the picture.
In practice, a tape is removed one day later at angles other than optimum. Crepe tapes usually do not perform well in these practical applications, washi tapes do.

View the differences here.


Bonus tip – Dropfilm

Dropfilm can offer a solution for fast masking of large surfaces. Dropfilm consists of a foil with a pre-taped tape. After applying the tape to a surface, the foil can be unfolded. ATS has drop films with various tapes and dimensions of films. View our full drop film assortment here.


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