What is an AFT? (Acrylic Foam Tape)

Acrylic foam tapes are a family of double-sided foam tapes made from high performance acrylic adhesives. These tapes are able to form bonds of exceptional strength and have greater durability and elasticity than conventional double-sided foam tapes.

Our acrylic foam tape product range includes tapes with different core constructions and a variety of adhesives. All our acrylic foam Tapes use closed cell technology, and provide outstanding environmental resistance and durability. The superior performance of our acrylic foam Tapes means they can often be used to replace mechanical fasteners for joining a wide range of materials.

  • There are no solvents and silicons added in this range

Where to use Acrylic Foam Tape?


A clean look without screwholes is important in the automotive branch. Also the automotive aftermarket can use Acrylic Foam Tape for repairs.


  • Permanent fixation of car parts
  • Mounting for vibration sensitive components


Durable and weatherproof bonding is important in construction. With Acrylic Foam Tape you don’t have to worry for corrosion because of the product properties. This proces is better kown as structural glazing.


  • Mounting signs to a wall
  • Fixate glass panels in a framework


Assembly of electronics mostly happens in a fast pace. So there is no time to let glue dry. Acrylic Foam Tape sticks instantly it only needs time to reach it’s maximum bond strength.


  • Permanent fixation of (plastic) frames
  • Mounting for vibration sensitive components

Heat distribution

Most electric parts generate heat. Formerly a thermal conductive paste is used with screws to conduct heat and keep everything in place. With Acrylic Foam Tape  there is no need for screws which saves time, weight and money.


  • Permanent fixation of part (heat source) to a heatsink

Why use Acrylic Foam Tape
over conventional bonding materials like screws?

Weight reduction

Save weight with tape

Lower material costs

Save material costs

Faster assembly

No need for drilling holes and screwing. With tape you can do this at once.

Rust-, UV- and moisture resistant

Acrylic foam tape is resistant to all weather conditions

Vibration damping, so noise reduction

Acrylic foam tape can absorb shocks and so reduce vibrations

Clean look

Liquid adhesives can give a messy result

ATS Acrylic Foam Tapes

1000 Range – Solid Clear Acrylic

No bubbles in the acrylic, so perfect for transparent substrates. Suitable for adhesion to high and medium surface energy


  • Structural glazing

2000 Range - Medium Foamed Acrylic

High temperature tolerance (short 150°) (long 125°). Suitable for adhesion to high and medium surface energy substrates


  • Replacement for screws, welds or liquid adhesives

3000 Range – Shock Absorbing Acrylic

Strong bond which can absorb shocks and stress. High temperature tolerance (short 150°) (long 125°). Suitable for adhesion to high and medium surface energy substrates and enhanced adhesion to low surface energy substrates.


  • Replacement for screws, welds or liquid adhesives


8000 Range - Thermal Conductive

Available with a thermal conductivity  till 3.0 [W/m K] and a good electrical insulation. Suitable for adhesion to high and medium surface energy. Flame retardant (UL94, V-0) and patented.


  • General heat sink bonding
  • Led module/board bonding
  • Flat Panel Display assembly

Comparison Chart

 1000 Series2000 Series3000 Series5000 Series8000 Series
DescriptionSolid Clear AcrylicMedium foamed acrylicSoft acrylicSticks to every surface without using primerThermal conductive
Standard Acrylic ColorsTransparentWhite or GrayWhite, Gray or blackGrayWhite
Standard LinerPE, RedPE, RedPE, RedPE, YellowPE, Red or Transparent
Bonds to surface energy*High and mediumHigh and mediumHigh and mediumHigh, medium and lowHigh and medium
Temperatur resistance
Short / long term
125°C / 100°C150°C / 125°C150°C / 125°COn request150°C / 120°C

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