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ATS All Tape Supplies B.V. was founded as a family business in Belgium in 2006 – a brand new company, but built on a wealth of experience. The founders, Servaas Dankers and Felipe Mateu-Muñoz, brought more than two decades of know-how in the tape industry with them when they decided to start their own import company. The mission of ATS has essentially remained the same from day one: to be a flexible and universal supplier of self-adhesive tape in all shapes and sizes.

After one year, ATS All Tape Supplies was set up and the company procured a cutting machine for the in-house processing of tape. This allowed ATS All Tape Supplies to generate extra added value and to expand its services . And ten years later, ATS has three complete production lines which enables the company to provide its customers with flexible private label possibilities.

Our tape solutions are sold in more than 35 countries around the world. We are continually expanding our range of products, but we do not work alone. Together with our clients and supplier, we co-create new innovations and products. Because we wish to remain the market leader, we continue to develop as a company. There is no end to our ambition to expand. We are always focused on finding new tape solutions and improving all our operating processes to facilitate the ongoing growth of our company every year. A summary of our history and growth through the years is given below:

About All Tape Supplies

Tape solutions

ATS started out with a single converter and three personnel in Belgium.


First production line put into operation.


Expanded with a second production line.

ATS All Tape Supplies

Due to the increasing demand ATS moved to a new constructed building in the Netherlands with 750m² of floorspace.

High Growth Awards

Demand was still increasing so the building of the neighbours was bought for more room, which increased the space to 1000m². In this year ATS was also nominated for the “High Growth Awards 2012”, this is a nomination for the best-quality growth companies of the Netherlands.

ATS Office

Not long after the expansion a building was found that met the ATS growth ambitions., now ATS had access to five times the floor area as before. Also, for the second time, ATS was nominated for the “High Growth Awards 2013”.

FD Gazellen Awards

Nominated for the “High Growth Awards 2014” & nominated for the “FD Gazellen Awards 2014”, this is a nomination for fast-growing companies.


Nominated for the “High Growth Awards 2015” & nominated for the “FD Gazellen Awards 2015”

A decade of tape solutions

A decade of specialism in fast, flexible and customized tape solutions.
Nominated for the “High Growth Awards 2016” & nominated for the “FD Gazellen Awards 2016”

Brabants Besten

Elected to “Brabant Best ’17” for social employment, reshoring and flexicurity.
Nominated for the “High Growth Awards 2017” & nominated for the “FD Gazellen Awards 2017”


Elected to “Brabant Best ’18” for social employment, reshoring and flexicurity.

Core values


For us, entrepreneurship means expanding by helping our customers to develop their business operations. We will always do our utmost to work with you to develop products that give you the best results in terms of quality, applications and costs. To do this, we have a flexible attitude and we work continually to improve our own processes. We think with you in every way and take your ideas and feedback very seriously. Our efficiency is your gain!


Finding the right solution for your requirements means that we have to take responsibility for every step in the production process. The result of what you want us to make is just as important to us as it is to you. We will do everything necessary and usually go an extra yard to get the best out of ourselves and to ensure that your requirements are met beyond expectation.

Customer focus

For us, all customers are equally valuable, which also is why we enable them to play a key role in our production process. We are not afraid to ask you questions, we can see things from your perspective and you can rely on us to provide the very best service. Because we firmly believe that your success is also our success, you can count on and trust us to deliver on our promises.

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Our People

Sales and Marketing

Kitti Smulders Commercial excellence & Operations manager
Faith Schipper Commercial Purchase Coordinator
Tim Scheele Marketing Specialist
Denise van Kanten Inbound Sales Employee
Maarten Vugs Inbound & DACH Sales Employee
Bob Swaak Marketing & Social Media Employee

HR and Administration

Birgitte Rutten CFO
Marjolijn Elias Controller
Rianne Verrier Management Assistant
Paul van Gestel HR Advisor
Ramon van den Bruggen HR Employee
Erik Veerhoek IT Manager
Nick de Graaf DevOps

Production and Logistics

Jens Bevers Procurement Manager
Niels Bakker Quality Control
Maykel van der Pennen Logistics Employee
Jesus Noriega Engineer
Fernando Wilches Mechanic
Jan Thijssen Production Employee
Roel Dirven Production Employee
Nuno Marcelino Production Employee
Citty Peijnenburg Production Employee
Fikret Kivanç Production Employee
Dwayne Jackson Production Employee
Danny Beekes Production Employee
Baris Korucu Production Employee
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